Everybody needs a bit of help sometimes, and Nurses Friends’ offers a wide range of home health care services to help keep you independent. Our services are not limited to what you can see here (Website) and all of our Care Plans are individually tailored to our client’s needs and preferences.

Personal Care

We can help you getting in and out of bed

Whether you are an early riser or like a lie in, we can be there!

We can help you with your personal hygiene

Whether you bath, shower, need to shave or clean your teeth, we can help.

We can help you dress or undress.

We can help you with meal preparation

If you need a snack, a hot drink or a full meal.
Our staff are trained in food hygiene as well as nutrition and well-being, helping you make the most of your diet.

After preparing your food, if you need assistance in eating or drinking; we are here. We can help you to sit in your favourite chair, eat at the dinner table or, if you need help to eat in bed.

Nurses Friend carers’ will help you with your daily routine and achieve your goals based on your tailor-made homecare plan. Safe visiting is still available during this unprecedented times.
Call us today 01604 622 400.

​We can help you with medication

Reading those labels, potting them up for different days, or even just a reminder to take them. Nurses Friends’ care team are all proficiently trained in medication and understand the diligence required when dealing with this.

Nurses Friend have always been very polite and friendly during our telephone conversations and will try to send us the same staff to aid continuity of care.

Their service in and out of hours is good and it has only been on the rarest of occasions when they have not been able to fulfil our requests. I would recommend Nurses Friend to those in the care industry needing short term/temporary cover.

Debbie Allen, Barchester Healthcare

Household tasks

We can assist with housework

Need extra help washing up, Emptying bins, or even help in the garden? Whatever you may need to keep your household to the standard you require; we can help.

We can help you with shopping

If you need to pop to town, the post office or the supermarket. We can take you there or even run the errand for you.

Assistance with laundry

We can help you with washing, drying and ironing your laundry and even help you put it away afterwards.

We can help with your pet

If your pet needs feeding, walking or even just a little extra tender loving care; we can help you.

Live-in Care

We offer the ultimate service – Live-in Care.

The perfect alternative to residential care – a friendly, qualified carer

living in with the customers in their own home. They usually carry out assignments of between one week and three months.

Nurses Friends’ care services also provides:


Complex care


Community Packages


Respite Care


Dementia/Alzheimer Care


Palliative care/End of life Care


Rehabilitation and convalescing Care